IMHAANZ recommends the following websites in a variety of countries and categories.



World Association for Infant Mental Health

Australian Association of Infant Mental Health (AAIMHI) – the Australian affiliate of WAIMH

Office of the Children’s Commissioner – NZ Crown entity to advocate for infants, children and young people – a great local resource and monitor of child poverty


Zero to Three Parenting Portal – Zero to Three is an American organisation committed to disseminating useful information about the early years to parents and professionals

Centre on the Developing Child, Harvard University– a fantastic American science, policy and practice resource which updates regularly

The MEHRIT Centre– a wealth of resources pertaining to self-regulation (with an ECE focus) but also much, much more

Getting to Know Your Baby website – a wonderful resource for parents + professionals and also available as an app

Alberta Family Wellness resource – a great Canadian website focussed on science, policy and practice


Children Beyond Dispute– an Australian site with info and resources for separating parents with infant mental health focus.


The Gift of Love – videos describing infant mental health made for IIMHL by Deborah Weatherston and Denise Guy

Alison Gopnik TED talk – What do babies think?

Annie Murphy Paul TED talk – What we learn before we are born