Calling all IMHAANZ Members:

This is to give you Notice of the IMHAANZ AGM 2018 which coincides with our 3-day conference in October at Te Papa in Wellington.

UPDATE: Please click here to complete your online Proxy Vote Form. NB: You must be logged in to access this form.

We have provided a brief outline of a proposed Bylaw ammendment that requires your vote at AGM. If you are unable to attend we ask that you please nominate a Proxy to do so on your behalf. Click here to download the brief outline and the proxy (voting) form. Full instructions are given on this form.

To find out more about the proposed Bylaw change – and the reasons and purpose of this – click here.

Our Bylaws require that 2/3rds of our Ordinary Members approve any change to the Bylaws so your attention to this is important and much appreciated.

Any queries please email:

Kind regards,

The IMHAANZ Executive.