Facilitating Attuned INteractions (FAN) – An Approach to Family Engagement and Reflective Practice

Erikson Institute’s Linda Gilkerson created the Fussy Baby Network and the FAN.
The Fussy Baby Network engages parents with urgent concerns about baby’s crying, sleeping or feeding and helps build long-term capacity and efficacy for parents.


The FAN:

   – is a structure for engaging families

   – can be used as a tool for attunement during a visit, matching interventions to what parents need most in the moment

   – acts as a guide for reflective practice (which is a core professional competency in working with infants and their families)

   – can be used in supervision.

The FAN is focused primarily on the parent or supervisee’s immediate concerns, so the process varies and is flexible.
The ultimate goal of using the FAN with caregivers is to increase capacity, confidence and strengthen the caregiver-child relationship.
 In a supervisory relationship the goal is also to increase confidence, competence, and also to build reflective capacity in the supervisee.
The FAN has been used as a professional development tool in a variety of Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health settings, including paediatrics, NICU’s and early intervention programs.

(excerpt from Washington Association for Infant Mental Health)




About FAN Training

In 2017 three members of the IMHAANZ Executive Committee – Dr. Denise Guy, Judy Hunter and Dr. Lucie Zwimpfer – became certified FAN Trainers following two years training with, and being supervised by, FAN founder, Linda Gilkerson.

They are now available to offer FAN Training to services and teams in New Zealand and Australia.

FAN Training is:
  • offered to practitioners working in a team/service with infants and young children and their families and whanau across a variety of settings and disciplines AND their clinical supervisor(s)
  • suitable for Well Child/Tamariki Ora providers, NGO’s providing home visiting programmes such as Family Start, Early Intervention programmes, Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Services, Early Childhood Education providers and Child Protection practitioners.
Level I Core Training is a two-day training covering FAN background, theory of change, FAN core processes and ARC of Engagement, and their application in working with families. Supervisors attend an extra workshop on the evening of the second day.
Level II Facilitated Practice involves supporting practitioners and supervisors in applying the FAN approach in their setting over the next 5-6 months, followed by a third day consolidating the training in specific services/teams.
Naku Enei Tamariki Inc        Ohomairangi Trust       Plunket        Starship NICU
West Coast Family Start     Southern Lakes consortium



If you would like to find out more about FAN Training for your organisation, please use the contact form below.

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