paintingIMHAANZ (Infant Mental Health Association of Aotearoa New Zealand) is the New Zealand affiliate of the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH). It was given WAIMH affiliation status in May 2006 and was officially launched in April 2007. IMHAANZ is a registered charitable trust.

The aims of IMHAANZ are:

  1. Promotion of an increased recognition of the mental health needs of infants within their families
  2. Dissemination of resources on infant mental health, from a wide variety of disciplines, through seminars, workshops and conferences
  3. Strengthening the links between New Zealand professionals working with infants and their families
  4. Discussion and sharing of questions, problems, issues, information, and theories regarding the field of infant mental health
  5. Linking New Zealand professionals to international research and practice in infant mental health, infancy and family studies
  6. Promotion of the development of scientifically based programs of care, primary prevention and intervention in infancy
  7. Supporting and generating New Zealand research accessible to all

The need for an organisation like IMHAANZ is increasingly evident as New Zealand encounters unique social and mental health issues that affect infants, children, youth and their families. IMHAANZ knows the many challenges involved in nurturing mentally healthy infants in our society.

We look forward to your interest and involvement in the Infant Mental Health Association of Aotearoa New Zealand!